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Far Off Topic

An ever evolving discussion of obscure or otherwise unconsidered ideas that lie on the untamed outskirts of public attention. Hosts Fiasco Jones, Mr. Glasses and TWee give their unrestrained takes on everything from current events, weird science and bizzaro happenings of every stripe. Nothing is off the table.

Mar 18, 2020

The world has gone mad. As if reading straight from the script of a Hollywood thriller civilization seems poised at the brink of collapse. It started with the announcement that the NBA was cancelling their season. With that domino down other institutions followed suit and started closing their doors and cancelling events. Then the Toilet Paper wars began.
Will we drive off the cliff into the abyss of societal dissolution or will sober minds overcome the panic? It’s too early to tell at this point but as a wise man once said, “hide your children. Hide your wife.”
Far Off Topic is hosted by Fiasco Jones, Mr. Glasses, and TWee. Production and editing by Fiasco Jones. 
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