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Far Off Topic

An ever evolving discussion of obscure or otherwise unconsidered ideas that lie on the untamed outskirts of public attention. Hosts Fiasco Jones, Mr. Glasses and TWee give their unrestrained takes on everything from current events, weird science and bizzaro happenings of every stripe. Nothing is off the table.

Jan 14, 2021

As everyone in the world knows by this point, Cobra Kai season 3 is fire. Other than that it would seem the writers of our shared simulation are very committed to the the Second Civil War story line so this week we got ourselves a little bit of sedition, insurrection and twitter bans. We’re talking Right Wing revolution and the country that denies it exists on this episode.

And while we’re picking through the rubble of our crumbling democracy why not also pick winners and loser of a post trump regime. Who will suffer and who will prosper in the years to come. We will discuss that in our SURVIVORS AND DIE-ORS segment at the end of the show.

Far Off Topic is hosted by Fiasco Jones, Mr. Glasses, and TWee. Production and editing by Fiasco Jones. 

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