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Far Off Topic

An ever evolving discussion of obscure or otherwise unconsidered ideas that lie on the untamed outskirts of public attention. Hosts Fiasco Jones, Mr. Glasses and TWee give their unrestrained takes on everything from current events, weird science and bizzaro happenings of every stripe. Nothing is off the table.

Nov 13, 2022

From salt circles, and iron horseshoes to urine-based potions humans across the world have worked tirelessly to protect themselves from the forces of evil. In particular curses. But in, perhaps, another sign that we live in pre-apocalyptic times, a market for cursed things has sprung up on the internet and business is good. We’ll explore the curse market and all of it’s amazing potential for supernatural chaos on today’s show
But if buying and selling objects imbued with darkest evil isn’t your thing, we have GREAT NEWS TO END ON coming up later where we’ll discuss the looming prospect of nuclear annihilation. It’s sure to be a blast.
All that plus the latest goings on in the world of conspiracy when we discuss THAT PARANOID STYLE
Far Off Topic is hosted by Fiasco Jones, Mr. Glasses, and TWee.

Far Off Topic is produced by Fiasco JOnes and edited by command of the dark voices projected through the paintings bought on the cursed market

If you’d like to support the show buy a cursed doll and mail it to Putin and see if that enough to instigate a nuclear war. You can also subscribe and leave us a review, if you feel so compelled. 

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