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Far Off Topic

An ever evolving discussion of obscure or otherwise unconsidered ideas that lie on the untamed outskirts of public attention. Hosts Fiasco Jones, Mr. Glasses and TWee give their unrestrained takes on everything from current events, weird science and bizzaro happenings of every stripe. Nothing is off the table.

Jul 12, 2022

What’s strange is new again. Which is another way to say, It’s time to discuss the latest trove of UFO documents pried from the hands of the US Government. According to said documents thirsty UFO’s have been swiping right during their nocturnal visits to earth and if that wasn’t bad enough one of these pervs may have left a woman with it’s hybrid space-baby. We’ll be talking about that as well as the shocking Loch Ness Phallus theory among other things in our WHAT IN THE WEIRD SEGMENT
And if you feel guilty for never drinking your required 4 liters of water throughout the day we have the perfect excuse. Water is poison. Yeah, it seems satan has secretly contaminated the water supply. If that sounds crazy then you’ll know why we’re talking about it in our Audacity Chronicle segment at the end of the show. 
Far Off Topic is hosted by Fiasco Jones, Mr. Glasses, and TWee. Production and editing by Fiasco Jones. 
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