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Far Off Topic

An ever evolving discussion of obscure or otherwise unconsidered ideas that lie on the untamed outskirts of public attention. Hosts Fiasco Jones, Mr. Glasses and TWee give their unrestrained takes on everything from current events, weird science and bizzaro happenings of every stripe. Nothing is off the table.

Aug 14, 2020

We're stepping through the threshold on this episode. Fiasco walks through a rouges gallery of God's wrath as he chronicles the many torments that have been unleashed on all of us in just the first half of 2020. Could this all be a result of bad writing? 
Do you know the name Richard Doty? Learn all about him in the latter half of the show. Learn about Doty's sadistic campaign to scramble the mind of physicist and engineer, Paul Bennewitz, and why that may have some bearing on the recent news that the US military will be releasing information about their years long UFO program. 
Far Off Topic is hosted by Fiasco Jones, Mr. Glasses, and TWee. Production and editing by Fiasco Jones. 
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